We have been part of the Homeschool community since April of 2015. Our family opened up our home in the Spring of 2016.  

We are aware that this homeschooling community that we belong to is as diverse as the universe. We do our best to accommodate as many needs as we can, that being said, we are not a peanut free home. We have backyard chickens, a house cat, a hound dog, and a growing aquarium zoo with fish and reptiles. 

​As of 2018 we have been a part of the FB group HSLA. HSLA is an inclusive, diverse, supportive community for Los Angeles Home Schoolers and Unschoolers. They offer the gift of community for those that are willing to be inclusive, tolerant, open minded, and kind. 

We have a Multi- Level Home School Girl Scout Troop that meets here Thursdays. 

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Our School

Like a one room school house we have a single teacher and many "grade" levels. Unlike a one room school house we are a home and learning happens in the kitchen, or at the table, or in the back yard, or sprawled out on an open floor. Students don't memorize or recite lessons but instead explore and learn together.


Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where people feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We welcome all who come through our door.


In our home school we believe that learning is a lifelong adventure. We respect all home school families and their choice of method. As such we will provide a safe environment for all types of learning in our home. Children can bring their own reading books, journals, workbooks, or other curriculum  to work on throughout the day. We do offer organized classes throughout the day in many subjects. At no point is learning forced. Children have the option to participate or not.